Nursing Services

1st Choice Home Care provides Medical Nursing Services when you need treatment by a nurse at home. Our licensed medical staff is multi-specialty trained, and can provide a level of comfort in home care. Our in-home nursing care lets clients and their loved ones enjoy healthy lives in the comfort of a familiar environment. We…

Home Health Aide

1st Choice Home Health Aide are available to help clients who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, as well as individuals who may need assistance with activities of daily living. A certified health aide helps maintain a client’s independence and eliminate the necessity for the client to move out of their own home into an assisted living or nursing home facility.

Personal Care

At Home by Choice we understand your loved one didn’t plan to need in-home care services or help with personal care. We understand it can be frustrating and, at times, embarrassing. Our licensed caregivers will treat your loved one with respect and dignity while helping with such tasks as bathing, dressing, incontinence care, and grooming.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists specialize in rehabilitation techniques that promote safe and independent motor skills, from rolling over in bed to walking to the bathroom and beyond. Physical Therapists are also an invaluable resource for regaining movement following a traumatic illness or injury. Physical Therapy may be indicated to you or a your loved one:

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists specialize in rehabilitation techniques that promote the return to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). What exactly are ADLs? Think about everything you do in the course of a day, starting with getting out of bed. THOSE are ADLs. From getting out of bed in the morning to getting back in bed in the evening and everything in between.

Speech Therapist

As a Speech Therapist, we will perform the assessment and evaluation of patient care needs related to treating speech and language disorders, and functional training in communication, swallowing, and cognitive impairments.Speech Therapist works to help determine a treatment plan, performs interventions aimed at improving and enhancing the patient”s well being, and evaluates the patient”s progress.

Respiratory Therapist

Our respiratory therapist are specially in cardiology and pulmonolgy. They are in charge of initiating and managing life support for people in intensive care units and emergency department, stabilizing, treating and managing prehospital patient transport

Medical Social Workers

1st Choice Medical Social Workers are conducting an assessment to help determine patient needs and identify any limitations, barriers, or safety issues that might impede recovery, educate patients and families regarding community resources and support, and assist with long range planning, including advance care planning and directives, and overall care opportunities.


Our Dietitians, help patients and families plan easy-to-make meals that are appropriate for their medical condition. Give you an advise and helpful guidance to help you continue to live well at home.


Homemaker care ensures food stays fresh, obstacles that can cause falls are eliminated, and clean clothes are always available. With regard to in home care for the elderly, help often just means a second hand helping with the daily tasks.


Our Housekeepers will keep your or your loved ones home clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment.