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What is home care and who can apply for it?

As the population ages and the cost of healthcare rises, more and more people are turning to home care services for help with their long-term care needs. Home care services can assist with various tasks, from helping with personal care tasks like bathing and grooming to providing companionship and emotional support. Home care services can also benefit those recovering from an illness or injury, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their home while receiving the care they need.
Home care services are typically provided by a professional caregiver trained and certified in providing care to individuals in their homes.
  • The caregiver visits the client's home regularly
  • assisting with bathing
  • grooming
  • meal preparation
  • light housekeeping
  • medication reminders.
They can also provide companionship and emotional support, helping to ease loneliness and depression. In addition to the physical and emotional benefits of home care services, they can also offer financial benefits. Home care services can be much less expensive than long-term care facilities, which can be extremely costly. Furthermore, home care services can help reduce the stress and worry of family members who cannot be present to provide care themselves.

Why 1st Choice Home Care?
Its team of professionals makes 1st Choice Home Care outstanding among the other home care agencies. 1st Choice Home Care Services, Inc. is a Brooklyn-based licensed home care service agency serving all 5 New York City and Nassau County Boroughs. When it becomes clear that your loved one may require more assistance than you can handle, that's where we come in. We keep constant contact between physicians, case managers, insurance companies, and families to ensure your loved ones are adequately cared for. All 1st Choice Home Care Services, Inc. clients are managed by professionals dedicated to maintaining our patients' excellent quality of life. With our vast range of services and experience, we'll ensure that all of your needs will be met with the care and respect of our team.
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