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Who is a Home health Aide

Who is a Home Health Aide?
If working in the medical field is your passion, but you don't have time or finances to train to become a nurse, you can always become HHA- a certified home health aide. 
Many aging citizens prefer staying in the comforts of their homes rather than going to a nursing home, and HHA services allow them to stay safe and healthy at home. 
"I remember spending my childhood days with my grandma, who I loved dearly. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was a little girl, and I have never been given a chance to take care of her. That is why I love being a caregiver. My clients remind me of my grandma, and I treat them like I would have treated her,"-says Tina, an experienced caregiver. 

Home Health Aides are usually employed to supervise and assist elderly, ill, or disabled patients. They can be dedicated to a single person or work for a range of different patients. Home Health Aides perform household chores for their clients depending on their needs. For example, HHAs should know about their clients' dietary needs and shop for healthy products. In addition, home Health Aides make sure clients take the proper medications on schedule and monitor them for any concerning symptoms.

Home Health Aides must be attentive, detail-oriented, and follow protocols and rules regarding the patient's care. Aides must adhere to instructions from doctors and nurses, such as knowing how to care for a minor medical issue or letting them know about changes in the patient's health. In addition, they should be trustworthy and dependable, so the patient and their family feel comfortable relying on them.
Skills and qualifications for HHA
  • Current and valid HHA certification
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  • Availability to work evenings, holidays, and weekends
  • Preferred nursing experience
  • Strong patient service skills
So if you consider launching a career in a medical field, HHA is an option you should consider. Here, at 1st choice home care services, we offer day and evening courses for even more flexible scheduling; we offer weekend classes. 

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