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Frequently Asked Questions about CDPAP in New York:

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (or "CDPAP") enables Medicaid-eligible individuals to choose, supervise, and train their caregivers. The program's excellent feature allows the user to employ family members and friends, removing any potential stress caused by having strangers over and problems caused by a language barrier. Both parties gain significantly from this. Without having a stranger in your home, your caregiver is compensated while providing you with the warmth and care you need.

CDPAP Requirements:

The CDPAP enables close relatives, such as children, to work as caretakers and receive compensation. In addition, caregivers can administer skilled services needed, such as immunizations, without having to be certified or licensed.
If you're unhappy with the care, your caregiver is giving, flee free to change them at any moment. You pick the caregivers and the hours that work best for your routine.

CDPAP Salary and schedule:

You can design a schedule using CDPAP that best fits your requirements and way of life. For example, instead of adhering to a daily hours schedule set by an outside agency, you can allocate weekly hours on a flexible day. Ultimately, the application gives users access to controls many people take for granted.
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